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Interested in knowing more about Microgreens? Join us in our workshops (physical or virtual!) as we cover the basics of Microgreens and Herb care. Scroll on as we show you our past workshops conducted! For more information, you can use the contact form below, or email us directly at We'd be happy to get in touch and work with you to come up with a package best suited for you! 



Orchid Country Club (Zoom Workshop)

Our first workshop took place online with members of Orchid Country Club (OCC). During this hour-long session, we delved into the importance of soil care, and introduced our participants to the different types of microgreens, sowing and watering methods, and how to care for and harvest their microgreens. In addition, we also shared our growing tips and tricks to keep their plants healthy and lush. 


Anglo Chinese School (Independent) 
(Zoom Workshop)

Covid aint gonna stop us from having a workshop! We had our second virtual workshop with teachers of Anglo Chinese School (Independent) where we covered topics similar to OCC's. This time, our participants were further engaged as they had collected their planting kit prior to the workshop and were able go through the step by step instructions together. 

ACI workshop.jpg


Plentyfull Bakery & Deli

Together with Plentyfull Restaurant, we held a small and intimate workshop at their venue in Great World City. Not only did our participants learn about Microgreens, they also got to witness firsthand how our chef associate, Victor whip up a delectable 3-course meal which showcased the harmonious combination of microgreens and simple ingredients that you too, can do! 


Montessori Children's House

Bringing a slice of farm to you! In this physical workshop with Montessori Children House, students were engaged as we introduced them to friends on the farm through various hands-on activities and crafts. We even brought live earthworms where courageous ones could hold them. In addition, students also had the chance to practice laying the soil, sowing the seeds, and watering them before each bringing home a mini planting kit to kick start their edible journey! 


Experience Chinatown

Over the weekend, we hosted a physical workshop in Chinatown where we shared about microgreens, and demonstrated the importance of basic soil care.  Our participants were also able to try their hands at potting their own sweet basil which they got to bring home too! 


Enterprise Singapore

Yet another virtual workshop! This time we had the pleasure to spend an afternoon with Enterprise Singapore where we shared about.. as you guessed- Introduction to Microgreens and herb care! Check out our make shift home set up with all the herbs and plants we could fit in a frame. 


National Arts Council Singapore

Did you know you can do a custom order for your  planting kits? For our workshop with NAC, each planting kit came with an extra packet of soil, seeds, and tray! 


Nee Soon East CC 

Peek at our Mini Cup Kit for Nee Soon East CC! This is a great option if you are just starting out, and would like to try your hands at growing microgreens. It's easy, simple, and very convenient! 

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