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Hello, Shyi Kai and Stefanie here!

We're the duo behind FleurhouseSG which began in 2020.

Our goal then and still is to make the indoor growing of microgreens (think baby vegetables!) accessible to everyone. We think a future of growing our own vegetables is attainable if people would just have a taste for themselves - both literally and figuratively!

So we wondered how we could get our family and friends busy cultivating their own greens and that brainstorming led on to our very first product, the “Microgreen Planting Kit” which has all one needs to get started. Everyone loved it and that's how we decided to make it available to the larger community.

We began conducting workshops and even introduced a Farm Tour experience centered around our Orchid Farm, Edible Flower Garden and Microgreen Garden where our guests had fun finishing each guided tour by harvesting ingredients for their very own tour refreshments!

To date, we have found nothing but support and positive response through our workshops with Montessori, Anglo Chinese School (Independent), Enterprise Singapore and Chinatown Business Association to name a few. We can't name every single partnership here, but we feel really blessed and you can see them all in our tab.

More importantly, we hope that one day we'll be able to see YOU in person and have a conversation about the future of sustainable eating, maybe even over a meal straight out of our garden!

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